Para Anchors

SAF10XX para anchors 150pxA Para Anchor is designed to provide sufficient power to hold the bow of a vessel head to wind in the worst storm conditions. It should be deployed from the bow of the vessel and greatly reduces the risk of broaching, capsizing or rolling, keeping the boat more comfortable and stable throughout the duration of the heavy weather. Most importantly it allows the vessel to take the storm head on rather than running with it, which reduces the time spent in discomfort. A must have for any cruising yachtsman or long distance sailor.

Drift Anchors

SAF10XX para anchors 150px

The Fisherman Drift Anchor is designed specifically to be used by fishing vessels and other vessels that need to either drift with the tide or hold a position as closely as is possible.

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Para Drogues

SAF12XX drogues 125pxA Para Drogue is deployed from the stern and designed to provide greater control, vary the speed of the vessel and improve directional stability downwind.